About Anna

Welcome to my very first blog!  I am very excited about this new journey that I am taking and I am very happy that you have come along for the ride.

Here’s a little about me.  I am a mother to two spectacular kids: Catie age 11 and Matthew age 18.  They drive me crazy on a daily basis and I think that is what kids are for.  I was finally able to marry my best friend and soul mate this year and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I was a police officer for six years and I really enjoyed what I did.  I really enjoyed being able to help people, which is what I believe that police officers are for mostly.  But, unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which prevents me from being a police officer any more.  But that just opens up my life to other great things!

Since my first dream of being a police officer has been realized, I am now pursuing my other lifelong dream, writing.  All my life I have loved to write.  I have been told my many people that I am good at writing, so here we go!  Since this is my first blog (ever!), it will go through many growing pains I am sure.  But they will all be a learning experience.me


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